Internet Access/WLAN

In the Library, there are internet workstation available.

  • There, students can log in with their K-number and password.
  • All other members of FHWS can use these workstations by logging in with their FHWS login data.
  • If you are an external user, please contact the staff at the Library Helpdesk. Upon presenting an identification card, staff will unlock one of the workstations.

WLAN for members of FHWS

User name for WLAN:

  • For Students: / Example:
  • All other FHWS members: / Example:

Your personal password is also the password used here.


Education Roaming (eduroam) is an initiative that offers internet access to its member institutions at all member locations by using the user’s individual login data.
Thanks to eduroam, students of other universities can use the FHWS WLAN and FHWS students can use other universities’ WLAN, for example at Universität Würzburg.
To be able to use this service, it is important that during the installation process from users choose the profile of their home institution (FHWS students: Hochschule Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt) as well as their usual login data (FHWS students:

WLAN for guests/external users

Guests and persons without valid FHWS access data or eduroam access can use the free hotspot @BayernWLAN of the Free State of Bavaria for their mobile devices. No registration, passwords or login data are required. (Note: the licensed e-media cannot be accessed via these hotspots)