Service for Students with Special Needs

Access to FHWS Library in Würzburg

Access to the Library (Building Sanderring, entrance via room S.E.07) is barrier-free when coming from the building Münzstr. 12. If you need assistance to get to the Library entrance, please contact the service centre in the entrance area of Münzstr. 12 (room M.-1.16, phone +49 931 3511-6990). If you are already in the Library and need assistance, especially for getting to the basement, the media library, or the training room, please do not hesitate to approach the staff at the Library Helpdesk (phone +49 931 3511-6242).

Access to FHWS Library in Schweinfurt

Coming from the parking area, the main entrance to the building ZE 7 (Canteen and Library) as well as the entrance to the library within this building is barrier-free.

The upper part of the two-storey shelving system in the reading room is not accessible for wheelchair users. Please approach the staff at the Library Helpdesk (+49 9721 940-6252) if you need assistance.

For both Library locations applies:

If the distances between the shelves in the reading rooms are too narrow for your wheelchair, please contact our staff. We are happy to assist you.

Lockers for permanent use

For disabled or chronically ill users who are using our Library intensively we offer lockers for a limited period of time. If you are interested, please contact the Library Helpdesk. 

Special lending conditions

To students with disabilities and chronic illnesses we offer the following special lending conditions:

  • The basic loan term for items available for home lending is expanded from 30 to 60 opening days. If there is no reservation made by another user, you can renew the loan term up to four times for another 30 opening days.
  • Renewal is also possible by phoning the Library Helpdesk in Würzburg (+49 931 3511-6242) or Schweinfurt (+49 9721 940-6252).
  • In justifiable individual cases, special arrangements can be made with the staff at the Library Helpdesk for short-time lending of items from the non-lending collection.
  • If required, you will get extra assistance from our staff, for example if you cannot get books off the shelves or phone in to enquire about the availability of certain literature.

Please note:

  • For books ordered by interlibrary loan we are not able to extend the loan term or other lending conditions defined by the respective lending library.
  • You are responsible for adhering to these loan terms. If you do not return your borrowed items on time, we will send you a chargeable request to return these items. In these cases, discounts or special conditions are not available.

By offering special lending conditions, the FHWS Library wants to contribute to the creation of equal study conditions for disabled or chronically ill students. In justifiable individual cases, the special lending conditions can also be granted to external users with disabilities.

If the external user or their proxy presents your disability card to the staff at the Library Helpdesk, they can get the special lending conditions.

If someone else wants to borrow books on your behalf, we need a written permission from you.

How you can contact us

FHWS Library in Schweinfurt
Building ZE 7
Room S.0.07
phone +49 9721 940-6252

FHWS Library in Schweinfurt
Building ZE 7
Room 7.E.17
phone +49 9721 940-6252
e-mail bib-sw[at]