User registration/library card

In addition to students, lecturers and other members of our University, also other persons can become registered users of the FHWS Library and thus get a library card.  

  • For students of FHWS their FHWS card is also their library card. The required data is transferred from the Department of Student Affairs (HSST). Please make sure to regularly check the e-mail account we get from HSST. You can also add a second e-mail address to your library account.
  • Also for the teaching and administrative staff of FHWS, their FHWS card is their library card. New staff has to register in person so we can get the information needed.
  • External library users can get a library card, if they present their ID card or passport (if necessary, including registration certificate). The prerequisite is that you are registered with a residence in Germany and are over 16 years old.
  • Students of Universität Würzburg can become registered with their existing library card issued by the university library in addition to their passport (and registration certificate if necessary) and thus save a further card. The same applies for FHWS students at the university library in Würzburg.

When you register as a user of our Library, an account is set up with our loan system. You can access your account any time with your personal user number and your password; there, you can renew the loan terms of items, check your orders and reservations, and change your personal information.

Personal user number and password

For all services, you need your personal user number and your password. FHWS students will find a barcode on their FHWS card above which a number (083...) is printed. External users find this number below the barcode on their library card.

We provide you with a standard password that consists of the day and month of your birthday (four digits ddmm). You can change this password. For this, you have to log in to our online catalogue with your user number and the standard password; after clicking on “Konto” (account) and “Benutzerdaten” (personal information), you can change your password in the area “Kennwort ändern” (change password).

Changing personal information

Your account for the online catalogue also saves your personal information that are needed for processing orders or borrowing items. You can access saved personal data after the registration process. You can change your e-mail address as well as your password; if you want to change any other data, please talk to the staff at the Library Helpdesk.

Loss of library card

If you loose your FHWS card and thus also your library card, please immediately inform the Department of Student Affairs (HSST) and also the Library staff so we can block your account.

If you are not a member of FHWS:
Please inform the Library staff about the loss so we can deactivate your library card. A replacement library card costs € 2.50.