FHWS Library in Würzburg: Location mark

Central Library

Central library, Münzstr. 12: reading rooms,
Entrance via room S.E.07

1000 books, ground floor/basement
1001 text book collection, basement
1020 Final Theses, ground floor
1050 Journals, ground floor

Central library, Münzstr. 12 Mediothek
Raum S.1.03

1745 CD-ROMs, DVDs
1747 USB-Sticks
1830 DIN norm sheets


Sub-library Röntgenring (ABKV)
Röntgenring 8, building C
Room C 205, gallery

1300 Books and academic journals

Social Services Test Library
Tiepolostr. 6
Room T.2.08

1324 Psychologische Testverfahren

Sub-library Sanderheinrichsleitenweg (IW + G)
1340 Books
1345 Academic journals
1346 Non-Book-Materials (CD-Rom, DVD etc.)

Magazine holdings

Magazine holdings, central library,
Münzstr. 19
(can be ordered online in the catalogue)

1640 Compact-Disks
1680 Media combination
1750 Other non-book materials
1770 Sheet music (scores)
1780 Books from the media library
1800 Map material (print edition)
1900 Books, magazine WÜ
1902 Books, outsourced to SW
1911 Books, magazine WÜ
2801 Books, outsourced to SW
2802 Books, outsourced to SW
2803 Books, outsourced to SW
2850 Academic journals, outsourced to SW