Locating Media

Every book and every other item within the FHWS Library has an individual shelfmark label (book/media number) on the outside.

The FHWS Library’s shelfmarks start with a location mark. It consists of four digits and indicates the item’s location.

List of location marks
1000 - 1999 Würzburg
2000 - 2999 Schweinfurt

All items with the same location mark are then placed according to the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK), i.e. items are organised following the notation system of subject areas; this means that on the shelves similar topics are placed next to each other. If you follow the shelf labels, you will find the subject area you are looking for.

In order to assign to every item a unique shelfmark, the complete shelfmark consists of other subdivisions that combine authors’ names, editors, information on editions or copies into a code.