Loan, Renewal, Return

Loaning media

Most media accessible in the reading room are available for home lending. You can take them off the shelf yourself and have them booked at the Library Helpdesk. Media not available for home lending are marked by a red tape on their spine. Usually, those are reference books, loose-leaf editions, dictionaries or text books; however, there are additional copies available for home lending.

Books available locally or at other library branches that are not accessible (because they are stored in the stacks) can be ordered via the online catalogue. In the case that a medium is currently loaned to another user, you can make a reservation in the online catalogue.

To make the most of the Library’s total stock (including e-books, e-journals, borrowed media and other library branches’ stock), search via the online catalogue is indispensable.

Authorisation for home lending/collection of items:
If you want to authorise somebody to borrow or collect media, please give us the name of authorised person. For this, you can use the authorisation form. The authorised person must be able to present an ID card or their own FHWS card (library card).

Please note:
Basis for the use of the FHWS Library are the general regulations on the use of Bavarian State Libraries (Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der bayerischen staatlichen Bibliotheken - ABOB); for legal reasons, it is only available in German.

Loan term and renewal

The loan term for media is 4 weeks (exception for text books: ca. 6 months). For your own interest and those of others, please stick to the limit of the loan terms. Via the online catalogue you can check your account and, if possible, renew loan terms at any time.
You can renew the loan term up to two times for 4 weeks for any item. Renewal is only possible, if no other user has made a reservation. Renewals can be made at the earliest 5 opening days before the end of the loan term.

Renewals can be made directly in your account in the online catalogue. Please log in with your personal library number (“Benutzernummer”, 083...) and your password (“Kennwort”) and click on your account (“Konto”). By default, you see all items you borrowed; on the right side of the screen you see a box “weitere Optionen” (further options) with “Konto verlängern” (renew account). Please note that due to limitations (reservation, renewal not yet possible, overrunning of loan period) for individual items, a desired renewal might not be processed. Therefore, please check your account after having renewed your items whether there actually is a new loan term given. Please note that you yourself are responsible for properly renewing or returning borrowed items.

Special provision when writing a final thesis:
In this period and upon request, you can renew items more often than two times. Renewal is made by the Library staff.

By our e-mail reminder service, we will remind you to return or renew items a few days before the end of the loan term.

Returning media

You must provide a replacement for lost or damaged items. You are obliged to handle items with care and can be held liable for damages.
It is in your own interest to check the state of the item you want to borrow and, if necessary, tell the staff about already existing damages.

You can return items also by mail; if you do so, it is at your own risk.

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