All persons with a valid FHWS Library card may borrow items from the FHWS Libraries during opening hours.

The Library’s e-mail service will remind you to return borrowed items in time. Additionally, you can renew the loan term for most items if necessary.

In the libraries, collections are thematically organised and placed according the Regensburger Verbund Klassifikation (RVK).

Items that are not available locally, can be ordered by interlibrary loan from other libraries; alternatively, you can submit an acquisition request.

Using our Library is free of charge. However, for certain services as well as in cases where the loan term is exceeded or the book is lost, fees will be charged. For more information on using the FHWS Libraries, please refer to our User Regulations.

For users with disabilities or chronic illnesses we offer additional services. If you need assistance, please approach the Library staff.

The Library team is happy to help, if you have any questions about services or the use of the Library.