Terms of Use for DIN Standards/VDI Directives

Via the database Nautos, FHWS offers access to currently valid DIN standards and VDI directives. We can procure older or withdrawn DIN standards in print from the publishing house Beuth.

Copying, printing, data transfer or the like is only allowed for academic non-commercial purposes and to authorised persons, i.e. for research and teaching within academia. It is not allowed, to provide paid or unpaid copies to third parties.

Authorised persons are:

  • professors, sessional or guest lecturers,
  • students and
  • all other members of FHWS

The following applies to authorised persons:
Copying or printing is exclusively allowed for intramural, non-commercial purposes (research, teaching, academic purpose).
Copying DIN standards for teaching purposes at FHWS is allowed; copies, however, have to be marked by FHWS and collected after the course session.

It is not allowed

  • to pass on data in a way not covered by the German copyright law (full or in part, in an electronic format or as hardcopy),
  • to enable access for third parties,
  • to supply information on a commercial basis or
  • to use information for a commercial purpose

External users, who do not belong to FHWS, are only allowed to access DIN standards/VDI directives on a screen, but not to copy information.