Norms, Directives, Patents

Norms and Directives/Guidelines

The FHWS Library offers electronic access within the FHWS network to:

Please note the technical requirements and legal terms of use.


  • DEPATISnet
    For the search for patents we highly recommend data base DEPATISnet which is publicly accessible.
    DEPATISnet is hosted by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) for free research on patent publications and utility models from around the world, which are included in the German patent information system DEPATIS. All documents offer full text access (PDF files). (Reporting period from 1877 onwards)
    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office additionally offers the DPMAregister. You can search for legal/procedural status information as well as the corresponding publication data.
  • Espacenet Also the European Patent Office offers a publicly accessible database. Espacenet covers over 70,000 patent documents about inventions or technical developments from more than 60 countries since 1836 until today.

For more free research possibilities within the fields of patents, please refer to the Database Information System (DBIS) (search term “patent”).