eBooks via the Library

Many specialist publishers offer their books not only as printed versions, but also in an electronic format as so called e-books. These e-books offer a 1:1 electronic representation of the printed version (PDF files).

This development is taken into account by the FHWS Library in that it increasingly purchases licences for e-books.  Currently, there are more than 150,000 titles available from OPAC within the FHWS network (also via WLAN). In accordance with the copyright laws, e-books can be read, printed and downloaded for personal academic purposes.
FHWS members can also access full texts from outside the FHWS network.

Within the database information system (DBIS) you can find a list of all publishers we have licenses for.

Good for you, because

  • it is a 24/7 service; e-books are available around the clock within the FHWS network - independent from the Library’s opening hours.
  • e-books can be read, printed or downloaded by several users at the same time. 
  • the PDF files can be used permanently.
  • you can carry out a full text search within a PDF file.