Important e-resources at a glance

Databases that are accessible from within and outside the FHWS network are listed in the Database Information System (DBIS).
Below you find an overview of the most important databases


All e-books are included in the OPAC (except RRZN Scripts by Herdt).

List of publishing houses and providers of e-books offering licensed access for FHWS.

Licensed specialist databases

In these specialist databases, you can search for journal articles, congress papers, dissertations, statistics, facts and much more.

Scientific search engines (with open access)

Laws, court rulings, legal commentaries

Reference books and dictionaries

Norms, directives, technical regulations, patents

Statistics, economic and business data

Journals and newspapers



* Access via the FHWS network or via external access to licensed Library Material

** Access via the FHWS network or via VPN

*** Access only via the FHWS network