Questions and Answers

Registration, library card, library account

How can I register to use the Library?

As an FHWS student you are registered automatically as an FHWS Library user. Your FHWS card is also your library card. FHWS staff can use the Library once having registered their FHWS card at the library helpdesk. Guest users can get a library card once they present a valid ID card. Registration is only possible if you are at least 16 years old and registered with a residence in Germany.

How can I log into my library account?

Please use your 11-digit personal user number to log into your library account; it is printed on your FHWS card above the barcode. The default password is day and month of your birthday (e.g. 0105 for 1 May).

Are there costs for using the Library?

No, general use of the Library (registration, borrowing items ...) is free of charge. Only particular services like ordering copies via interlibrary loan are chargeable.

Can I use the FHWS library without being a member of FHWS?

Yes, the FHWS Library is a public academic library.

Using e-resources

How can I find e-books?

You can search our OPAC in Würzburg or Schweinfurt for e-books and access the full text from there.

Can I access e-books and databases from home?

FHWS members: Yes, via the external access.

Guest users: No, access is only possible from within the FHWS network.

Loaning media

How often can I renew the loan term?

Books from the collections of FHWS libraries or its branches: twice. Please note: The item to be renewed must not be reserved by another user. For interlibrary loan items 1-2 renewals are potentially possible.

How long is the loan term?

In most cases: 1 month; text book collection (students only): 6 months.

How many items may I borrow at the same time?

60 items

From when can I renew the loan term?

The loan term can be renewed from five opening days before it will end. You will get an e-mail reminder.

How do I get informed if an ordered item is ready to collect?

You will get an e-mail as soon as your ordered item is ready to collect.

What if I would like to borrow a book from "New Acquisitions"?

You can reserve the book in our OPAC or ask for it at the Library Helpdesk.

How can I renew the loan term for a borrowed book?

Borrowed books can be renewed within your library account. Renewal is only possible, if no other user has made a reservation.

What can I do if I have to return a book, but I am not able to go to the Library?

Books must not be returned by the borrowers themselves, but also from other persons. A library card is not necessary for returning books. You can also send borrowed items to the Library by mail: Würzburg: Bibliothek der FHWS, Münzstraße 12, 97070 Würzburg Schweinfurt: Bibliothek der FHWS, Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11, 97421 Schweinfurt



Can I send a proxy to collect ordered items?

Yes, but the proxy has to present a signed authorisation. In Schweinfurt, presenting an ID card is sufficient.

What can I do, if I can’t find a particular book in the OPAC?

If you can’t find a particular book within the Würzburg-Schweinfurt-Aschaffenburg-Coburg OPAC system, you can suggest them for purchase. To do so, please use the respective acquisition request form (Würzburg - Schweinfurt). You can also place an interlibrary loan order.

Interlibrary Loan

How does a interlibrary loan order work?

A guide to interlibrary loan orders is available on our pages on interlibrary loans

Which books can I order by interlibrary loan?

You can only order books that are not available locally and cost more than € 15.00.

What does an interlibrary loan order cost?

Ordering books by interlibrary loan is free, copies of articles/essays is chargeable; please refer to the list of applicable fees

Reading room

Can I take my bag, jacket, food and beverages into the reading room?

You may take bags and you jacket to the reading room. It is not allowed to take food or beverages into the reading room except water bottles.

Where and how can I make printouts, scans or copies?

As an FHWS member you can use your FHWS card at the multifunctional printers. In Würzburg, guest users can print at the Library Helpdesk. A book scanner is available at both locations.

In Schweinfurt, there is an additional document scanner as well as binding machine available.

Training options

Are there trainings for school students?

Yes, the FHWS Library offers trainings for school groups and can adjust them also to “W-Seminare” (science seminars). To arrange an individual date for your class, please contact us. Würzburg  -  Schweinfurt



What training options does the Library offer?

The library offers guided tours through the library as well as trainings for literature research and reference management programmes. You can register via the training schedule where you will also find all current dates. To arrange an additional course date, please contact the training team in Würzburg or Schweinfurt.

For lecturers: We gladly adjust our trainings/tours to your lectures.