Reference Management

Reference management programmes help you to collect, save, and use literary references; additionally, they support the creation of bibliographies or insertion of quotes into your text.

FHWS members may use the free license for Citavi.

An overview by TU München offers a detailed comparison of the most common reference management programmes.

FHWS Library offers courses, also as online training, for Citavi. Please check our training schedule for current dates and to register for courses/consultations.

For small groups individual dates can be arranged directly with us the Library or via mail schulung.bib-wue[at] (Würzburg) or schulung.bib-sw[at] (Schweinfurt).
In addition, we are always available for direct and individual advice.

Managing References with Citavi

FHWS provides the license to the full version of Citavi to all its members (students and staff). Citavi is a reference management programme which excels particularly by its comprehensive knowledge management.

Usually, the campus license for Citavi is for one year until 31 May; it is renewed regularly.

With Citavi 6 and higher, you can choose whether you save your projects locally or in the Citavi Cloud.

Installing Citavi

  1. Download and install Citavi.
  2. Register your Citavi account by using your FHWS e-mail address ( Http://
    Your FHWS e-mail address is used to verify your access to the full software version. The Citavi account is your user account. It contains information about the FHWS campus license.
  3. Start Citavi and log in to your account (upper right side) with your access information. The campus license changes the already installed free version into the full Citavi version.

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Reference management with ZOTERO

ZOTERO is an open source software for managing literary references running on current operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows).

Installing ZOTERO

Please install ZOTERO as a standalone version locally on your computer. To connect it to your browser, you only need to install the ZOTERO-Connector additionally. ZOTERO plugins make it possible to integrate ZOTERO into Word or Libre Office. Usually they are installed automatically.

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